With bright lights, huge crowds of mostly competitive, Bruce Norris loving men, the Boxer machine is a big hit at fairgrounds and at fairground themed events. You can hire punch ball machine for your next event and watch as guests compete to become to the Hire boxer machine champion. When you hire punchball you bring a fun, competitive element to any event and you can increase the competitiveness by creating a competition with a prize being given to the overall winner at the end of your function or event. You can hire fairground games such as the hire Punchball machine from anywhere in the UK, seven days a week. Similar to the Boxer machine you can hire Hi Striker, and create a selection of Hire Strong Man Games for a truly competitive strength testing arcade. We also have plenty of other, less competitive, fairground games available including side stalls, food stalls, fun inflatables, and large-scale fairground rides and attractions.

We have many exhibition stand attractions available for all types of events, from weddings and private parties, through to corporate functions and product launches. Our arcade game hire team can deliver and set up the equipment at venues up and down the country and our products are guaranteed to be of top quality. You can hire boxing machines throughout the year and they are available by themselves or as a side attraction. You can hire arcade games alongside the hire boxer game and qualify for great package deals and discounts, and our team of experienced staff can offer our advice on what products work well with the hire punch machine and which products should be avoided. When you rent arcade games with us we will work with you to ensure that your needs are met and that the right products are picked for your unique event.

No event or function is the same and with our large array of fairground rides and attractions you can choose a selection to create a truly bespoke event. Hire punching games alongside side stalls, fun inflatables, food stalls, other arcade games, and many more. The list of possibilities is almost endless and we will strive to ensure that your party is unique and memorable. As mentioned before, we are extremely experienced in the entertainment industry and we are happy to give our advice on your function or event with no obligation. We can tell you about all available services that will coincide well with the boxing machine or other arcade / fairground attractions, as well as providing you with our availability.